Current Connection 3

For this weeks current connection 4, we unfortunately did not get to present because of absences. In this post, I will describe to you what we wish we had presented.

For Current Connection with LC2 with the article of, “Native Americans: Deculturalization. Schooling, and Globalization”. which was written by Joel Spring. Within the article which the previous LC group did the learning experience on this specific article, they discussed the intent of the article which was the obvious discrimination against Native Americans in the education system. I decided to write my current connection using the article entitled, “As Native Americans Face Job Discrimination, A Tribe Works to Deploy Its Own”, which was written by Graham Lee Brewer who conducted an interview with a man named Howie Echo-Hawk who is a Native American and shared his own personal experience with discrimination.

            The interview the author conducted was to get more insight on job discrimination against Native American’s. Howie Echo-Hawk worked as a bartender at a bar with a boss as being a white man. His first instance where he felt discriminated against was told by the boss to get a “respectable hair-cut” when he had a mini mohawk as his hairstyle. The second instance of discrimination was when Howie broke his ankle and needed time off so he could heal. Once he returned to his work, his boss says to him, “That’s what happens when you Indians get your firewater”. Not only did he make a stereotypical statement thinking it was a joke, but he blatantly was displaying discrimination against Howie by using the word “Indian”. Howie decides to quit and then get a job for a corporate company for a marketing team. During the time he worked there, the company decides to launch an ad about Indigenous people. Howie then met with several different bosses, trying to explain the criticisms on the ad against Native Americans and how it is racist. His comments and concerns were swept under the rug. After this instance, he was then treated extremely differently, especially different than from his coworkers who were presumably white.

            Throughout the reading, there were many themes that stood out to me. One of the themes I would like to discuss is the importance of listening. While Howie was concerned about the ad releasing because it was offensive and stereotypical, his ideas and worries were not taken into consideration. I believe that everyone should take people’s concerns into consideration, especially a corporate company, and most importantly, by a person whose concerns are real since the ad is about his culture. I also liked how the article was interview-based because we could see at first-hand someone else’s lived experience with a head-on actual situation. This entire current connection reading of, “Native Americans: Deculturalization. Schooling and Globalization” and the article I found of, “As Native Americans Face Job Discrimination, A Tribe Works to Deploy Its Own”, have many connections. Not by the education part, but the discrimination of cultures. With Native American Children being discriminated against in schools, it’s a connection to the overall sense of people in building, facilities, schools, and workplaces being treated differently just because of their culture.

            When I first learned more about this topic because of the learning experience done, I was definitely more eager to find an article because there are many instances where situations of discrimination have happened against Native American people, and children, in recent years. It boggles my mind that Native Americans are oppressed and are still pushed under the rug, whereas others aren’t. This current connection to me was extremely interesting and also beneficial to learn because today, today, there are many racial acts against black people and that is mostly what the media covers. Native American discrimination is not talked about and it should be. With many articles popping up when I was researching to find a connection article, there were too many. Many should educate themselves on this oppressed subject and learn how to make a change for the people that are constantly over-looked.

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