Current Connection

Shaina Kuper

            For class this week, we have been discussing the idea of neoliberalism. Neoliberalism is associated with economic liberalism and free-market capitalism. While this structure and idea has come about in an economic way, it also is a big factor in our education system. Neoliberals believe in privatization of public schools, while also believing that an un-regulated market is a better system to go about our government controls.

            In the learning experience prior to presenting LC 2’s current connection, I learned what Neoliberalism was about and the ideology behind the name. It’s extremely interesting to learn about because of both the pros and cons of the system. I picked an article that was within the 2-year publishing date and was written by Ariela Weinberger entitled, “How We Got Here and Where We’re Going; Neoliberalism Has Failed, and a New Progressivism Is on the Rise”. This article that Weinberger wrote is obviously biased against the ideology of Neoliberalism and believes an un-regulated market is not the way to go about the government systems that they control in the states. The author also exclaims how the system has failed us, the people of the country, because of low wages, high corporate profits, and much more. The article also talks about how neoliberals have set a standard for individual prosperity; meaning that if an individual works hard with the opportunities at hand, they will succeed. Weinberger argues that way of thinking and ideology is not the way to go about the oppression other groups of people face in the country; whether that being that people are born in less-developed areas, no opportunity to a good education, immigrants having no connections, etc.

            Weinberger also gets insight from other authors and researches others’ views on the topic of Neoliberalism. Many authors have suggested ideas on how to go about the change in the system, which is also been known as the “Roosevelt Institute”. The Roosevelt Institute is a think tank which is New York-based. This specific think tank promotes,” bold policy reforms that would redefine the American economy and our democracy”.  This think tank corporation also promotes the idea of research for the economy, more specifically on exploring the economics of race and gender.

            The idea behind Neoliberalism is to create equality amongst people. What needs to be taken into consideration by the government when they implement such systems is the oppression of certain groups that even though a system is put into place to disperse equality for all, it actually has the opposite effect. The system is flawed and needs actions put in place to bring actual equality to people with less opportunities than others.

            During our LC 2 current connection presentation, it was interesting to hear the questions being answered since a majority of our class is against the system of Neoliberalism. I also found it interesting that when I was researching articles for this topic that there are so many on this topic from recent years, which means this problem is reoccurring and more prevalent than ever. One of my questions after my presentation for a class discussion was “when do you think this “problem” will be listened to and changed?” and I was expecting different answered than was given. One said they didn’t think it would be anytime soon. I believe today, more than ever, citizens of the country are listened to and most opinions are heard when change is needed to happen on an issue. I also believe that not the “average” person knows what Neoliberalism really is and how this system is corrupt to the wealth and continues to add to their bank accounts more and more each year while the generational poverty families are scrambling for cash. Personally, I did not this this system existed until the topic was need to be researched for class but I now know how big of an internal issue this is and how many areas of government-controlled systems are negatively affected, education specifically. Children of generational poverty do not ask for no opportunities but are put into environments where wealth is such a reach that it is not even thought about as a goal to achieve, and that is the issue and change is needed for the children who are born with already less of an advantage to a successful life versus the child that was already born with a trust fund and a company to take over when he graduates from a prestigious University.     

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