LC2 Learning Experience

For this week’s learning experience, LC2 was assigned the reading of John Dewey’s,” My Pedagogic Creed. Throughout the reading, Dewey brings out his ideas for his ideal education style. He shares his three articles in which he believes how schools should be teaching. One article titled, “What Education is”, explains how education should be through the social and interactions of people. John Dewey’s reoccurring themes of active socialization between humans in a learning environment was thought by him to be merely the critical aspect of learning in a classroom. John Dewey, himself, was an educator and studied at the University of Vermont and Johns Hopkins University. He was passionate about his teachings and emphasized his teachings through experiences. “I believe that the school must represent present life-life as real and vital to the child as that which he carries on in the home, in the neighborhood, or on the playground” (Dewey). Dewey continuously presents this idea of having a balance between home life and school life with the child, to connect more life skills. While reading Dewey’s,” My Pedagogic Creed”, I looked back on my school life and connected a lot of his ideas and themes back to my previous schooling. Personally, I believe many of Dewey’s beliefs in the way that schools should teach more about socialization and learning through experience. I remember when I was in elementary school and the events, I would look most forward would be the field trips in certain subjects. My class and I would explore our towns and the historical buildings that we did not know much about, but with visiting the buildings with all my friends, the learning aspect was much more interesting and entertaining. I still can recollect almost all the field trips and outside activities I went on for school purposes; they were a highlight of school. Also, in high school we went on a science trip to canoe in a lake and learn about soil and other plants. Even though that high school field trip involving canoeing did not focus much on the plants itself, I believe I still retained more information from that trip than I would have if it had been in a classroom setting. In addition to experience, I truly do believe children work better in a setting that is close to a home lifestyle. For example, when a child is home, they usually play outside or with friends, or even just in a social activity. When you bring familiar activities from home and then to school, a child can connect more activities which can then lead to a learning environment and school, and at home also. When you connect more environments with the same type of skills, that stimulates the brain to then work harder in the child with more stimuli to connect. /LC2 chose to emphasize the points made by Dewey, talking about experience. While making the PowerPoint, which was a group effort to put a couple slides in talking about Dewey and his background in education, we decided to make activities which surrounded John Dewey’s articles with the,” I believe that”, statements. While making the google doc, we wanted everyone to participate in groups to share answers as to questions like “would you have wanted to teach in a 1940’s classroom during the progressive era?”. Personally, the responses exceeded my expectations. One response included that they would not want to teach in a progressive era classroom because of the lack of organization and lesson-planning. I thought this point was extremely interesting because it contradicted Dewey’s theme. I do think a classroom needs structure, but the lessons need to be more inclusive with children of different learning paces. To add on, the “I believe that” statements were outstanding in that fact that I have never thought those things about education before. One “I believe that” statement that stood out to me was one that group 3 presented which was, “I believe that students should be encouraged to voice their opinions, whether they be political, social, or personal”. This statement became a group discussion at the end since I asked everyone their thoughts on the statement. Almost everyone agreed that children should voice their opinions in school, no matter the outside consequences, especially since a school strips you of your individual rights as soon as you walk in their doors. After reading this piece from, “My pedagogic Creed”, I was fascinated with John Dewey’s education theme’s and I appreciate his passion on teaching on the areas of education.  

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