Class Survey

  1. I prefer to be called Shaina. My preferred pronouns are she/her.
  2. I am from Rochester, New York and I live in a town called Pittsford.

3. I would love to teach either 8th or 9th grade math.

4. I have played soccer all my life but decided not to continue with it since it would’ve been too difficult with school. Also in the beginning of quarantine, I picked up painting which I very much enjoy (paint by numbers so it wasn’t too creative). My family also recently got a puppy right after I came to school so I can’t wait to meet him (named Harvey).

5. What matters most to me is my family. I have 3 sisters also, which I am close to. My favorite book would have to be ,”Anything but Ordinary”, written by Lara Avery. This book was one of the first leisure books I’ve read and I will always think back to this book since it made me love reading and became one of my favorite hobbies.

6. I signed up for JCU-Lobo LAB- Mentoring Buddies on Thursday’s.

7. Moving outside my comfort zone and engage in class discussions. This will then build my overall confidence and making the classroom environment more comfortable with more engagement.

8. Nothing significant, but I would face the fear of a pandemic happening, like now, which now greatly affects teachers and their teaching methods.

9. What was your biggest obstacle in the process of becoming a teacher?

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