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Current Connection 4

Shaina Kuper             For this week’s Current Connection LC2 prepared, it was based off the text of, “Wide Awakeness and the Moral life”, written by M. Greene. This topic is very interesting to me because of it is completely relatable for almost all students today.             Throughout the assigned reading, there were many main themesContinue reading “Current Connection 4”

Current Connection 3

For this weeks current connection 4, we unfortunately did not get to present because of absences. In this post, I will describe to you what we wish we had presented. For Current Connection with LC2 with the article of, “Native Americans: Deculturalization. Schooling, and Globalization”. which was written by Joel Spring. Within the article whichContinue reading “Current Connection 3”

Learning Experience 4

On Tuesday, April 20th, my group, LC2, prepared a learning experience for that class. Our reading was called, “Urban School Reform, Family Support, and Student Achievement”, written by Kiersten Greene and Jean Anyon. There were many themes developed by the authors who wrote the article and many themes that they tried to make standout toContinue reading “Learning Experience 4”

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