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Every Thursday, I attend JCU Lobo Lab with fellow classmates from John Carroll University and other kids from surrounding school districts, primarily being 6th through 8th grade. For most of the service days for the past couple of weeks, there has only been one child who has shown up which has resulted in making reflectionsContinue reading “Service”

Learning Experience 3

Shaina Kuper             For this week’s learning experience with LC 2, we were assigned the reading of, “But I’m Not Gay”: What Straight Teachers Need to Know about Queer Theory”, as it was written by Elizabeth J. Meyer. There were many ideas throughout the article that Meyer explains and elaborates on. One theme she explainsContinue reading “Learning Experience 3”

Current Connection 2

Shaina Kuper             For this week’s learning experience, conducted by LC 3, we were assigned to read, “But That’s Just Good Teaching! The Case for Culturally Relevant Pedagogy”, written by G. Ladson-Billings. The assigned reading mainly described the teaching of incorporating culture into an education system. The reading also exclaimed that there were many themesContinue reading “Current Connection 2”

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